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A fear of dogs aka cynophobia how to avoid contact

30/05/2018 - Advice

Something I see quite a bit out and about is people who either don’t like or are scared of dogs, this applies to children as well.
Children tend to be more screamy and wave and flap their hands, adults tend to eye ball the dog then move erratically.
Both of the above behaviours can excite a dog and make them more interested in play or contact.
For children as with adults, I would suggest teaching them to fold their arms (so not to unintentionally flap them about or create excited movement) take a deep breath and avoid looking at the dog.
They can either look straight ahead or turn their head away.
Owners who can see that maybe someone is a bit hesitant to walk past you and your dog could maybe call your dog to you and redirect their attention on you, or a game, or on something else until either they have passed or you have.
Thus avoiding any conflict.
If you know anyone who is scared of dogs, please share this with them.
If you know anyone who would like to get over their fear, please get in touch.Type content here ...