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Adolescent Dogs

30/05/2018 - Advice

When is Adolescence?

Smaller breeds: 6 -18 months

large/giant breeds: 18 – 36 months

Dogs going through Adolescence have issues and need more support with their:

 Social Skills

 Focus on handler

 Ability to be in distracting environments

 Ability to cope with stimulation

 Mental & emotional health

 Physical and mental exercise

Just like any species going through Adolescence, this time of life is very confusing, sensitive and quite tough for our four-legged family.

Problem behaviours may pop up when your dog is going through Adolescence, these can include but are not limited to:

 Territorial related behaviours

 Inability to cope with frustration

 Becoming more destructive

 Aggression towards other dogs/people

 Fear responses

 Anxiety related behaviours

It is really important that we all play a role in helping our dogs get through this really hard time as safely and as happily as possible.

If you feel yourself becoming frustrated with your dog, if safe, remove yourself for a few minutes, take a deep breath and put the kettle on.

Living with Adolescent dogs can be a nightmare, we all want to help them but get stuck as to how to help them effectively.

Training: When realizing that all your hard work and training is going out of the window, do not fret, it will get better, just go back to the very puppy basics and start again. Start working in low distracting environments, places where your dog WILL get it right and make the right decisions. If your local park is too exciting for your dog, take them somewhere less crowded and more relaxing. Somewhere they have have a good old sniff. Even if this is an on-lead walk or on a long line walk.

If you need any help with your Adolescent dog give me a shout: [email protected]