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Training my puppy:Reward vs punishment

30/05/2018 - Advice

As soon as you get a puppy, everyone’s an expert on how to train the puppy, interact with the puppy and raise the puppy. 
Unfortunately there is a LOT of bad advice out there. And a LOT of people who take the bad advice.

Physiologically there is a difference in puppies that are trained using positive reinforcement vs punishment based methods.
Let’s have a quick look 

How the dogs brain responds:

When we use positive reinforcement, or provide rewards for desirable behaviours the dogs brain releases happy hormones such as endorphins. Which in turn makes the dog want to do this behaviour again because of that good feeling they felt. This increasing the bond between you and your dog.
You = good stuff

Punishment based training methods activate the fear neurotransmitters in the brain like cortisol which effects the dog in a negative way. Dog may not do the behaviour again because bad stuff happens.
You = bad stuff

Studies show that puppies trained with positive reinforcement showed fewer behaviour problems later in life.
Whereas puppies trained using punishment are more likely to developer behaviour problems later in life including aggression.

Is there anymore reason than that to not punish your dog?

Plus the fact that it’s technically against our UK animal welfare law to cause distress to our animals. But that is a whole other post!

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