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Training Myth (Toilet Training)

30/05/2018 - Advice

Puppy training myth:
When toilet training your puppy/or dog, limit their water intake, or take their water away over night.

Totally wrong…

There is no evidence that doing this helps your puppy at all!
In fact by doing this you are technically breaking the law.
Our welfare act includes the ‘5 freedoms’. 5 responsibility’s all pet carers MUST adhere to.

One of these Freedoms….
Freedom from hunger and thirst:
By providing fully accessible fresh water and the right amount of food, and correct diet to keep your pet fit & healthy.

Imagine if you felt really thirsty but could not access water?
You couldn’t get up in the middle of the night to wet your whistle!
You get a sudden feeling of thirst and couldn’t quench it!

Dehydration in animals can cause medical problems as well as adding stress in to their lives.

So keep that bowl down, keep it accessible and if you are out and about, keep offering it to them.

If you are having toilet training issues give me a shout: [email protected]