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121 Training session

121 Training Session: 90 Mins training in your own home or local park

Based in Egham, Surrey & Hatfield, Herts and surrounding areas “Don’t [Read more ...]


121 Training Session:

90 Mins training in your own home or local park

Based in Egham, Surrey & Hatfield, Herts and surrounding areas

“Don’t fret about your pet”: Ethical, kind and effective training solutions for all problems for all pets.

Every animal needs some kind of training to help them live happily and safely along side us. I teach group classes, 121 private sessions and training walks. Whatever your training need get in touch to see how I can help.

In this appointment, we will go through as many of your training concerns as possible as well as demonstrations. If needed, I will then give you a new training program to suit the problem areas. Dependant on what needs training, you may need more than 1 session.

‚Äčn.b.* a petrol cost of 0.45p per mile will be added for all clients outside of a 5 mile radius from TW18 or AL10. (i am based in both Egham and Hatfield areas) 

How I Train: 
As a positive reinforcement, ethical trainer, I don’t feel the need to use force, intimidation or anything that should cause any kind of fear or pain to your dog. 
I use Science, patience and understanding of the animal I am helping at that time. 
Every case is different and I try and get as much information as I can to help the owners in building a new training program for their dog.
Quick Fix aversive training methods do not look at the underlying problems or causes, they can in fact cause more behavioural issues. Emma is Vet recommended. 

Please be prepared:

  • Everyone learns differently, if you are someone who learns by making notes or writing stuff down, please have a pen and paper ready. I do send you out a report of what we covered.
  • Please be prepared to do some work in your garden (if you have one), i may need to see your dog move, or interact in an outside space, i may also lay out some items for your dog to explore. 
  • Some behaviour modification work may involve using food rewards to help change your dogs associations or to slowly change a behaviour, so please have some high value food prepared ready for my visit. Please no dried food or kibble as this is vary rarely considered high value. 
  • It is your responsibility to put into action my behaviour modification program, if at any point, you don't understand or don't feel as though the instructions are realistic to you or your pet, please do mention it as soon as possible and we can work out a new plan. 
    When undergoing my training, everyone that comes into contact with your pet MUST refrain from using any harsh/aversive or forceful training methods and/or equipment.
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