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Welcome to Emma’s Animals
Emma’s Animals is run by Emma Goulding-Bosworth. ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac, INTOdogs Certified Canine Behaviourist, IMDT, PPG. Teaching in Egham, Surrey UK and surrounding areas.

I have been training dogs professionally since 2012. Providing pet guardians with kind, ethical, effective and professional animal behaviour, training & Care services working in Egham, Surrey and surrounding areas.

I am hoping to provide support to pet guardians from the local area so that they “Don’t fret about their pet”.

Our Servcies

Does your pet have behavioural issues? Do they seem aggressive? Anxious? Unable to be left alone? Whatever behavioural problem you pet is displaying, get in touch to book an appointment today!

Every animal needs some kind of training to help them live happily and safely along side us. I teach group classes, 121 private sessions and training walks. Whatever your training need get in touch to see how I can help.

Going on holiday and need someone to feed you cat? Bunnies? Chickens? Away at work and need someone to pop in and let your senior dog out for a toilet break? Want a puppy visit to break up the day? I also present different informational talks.

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Walk This Way
I try and…at least once a week let Sookie take me for a walk. I call it our ‘walk this way walk’ I find it really interesting watching her make her own decisions in choosing direction. Watching her sniff and change pace. If you would like to try this let me know… …