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Emma’s Animals is run by Emma Goulding-Bosworth. ISCP.DIP.Canine.Prac. INTODogs. M.ICAN.CAB. 
Creating Calm Canines in Egham and Chertsey, Surrey and surrounding areas.

I have been training dogs professionally since 2012. Providing pet guardians with kind, ethical, effective and professional animal behaviour & training services. 

I am hoping to provide support to pet guardians from the local area so that they “Don’t fret about their pet”: Ethical, kind and effective training solutions for all problems, for all pets.

As a member of INTODogs, ICAN, Space Dogs, ISCP, UK Dog Behviour & Training Charter and a ‘The Real Dog Yoga’ Instructor all my training uses positive reward based ethical methods and is recommended by vets and rescue centres. 

I attend as many workshops/seminars & webinars as I can to make sure all my knowledge and education is kept up to date, If you would like a list of these courses please email me and I can send you the very lengthy list.

Memberships & Associations

  • ACE Trainer: May 2022 - Present
  • UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor September 2020 - Present
  • Puppy School Tutor: July 2019 - December 2021
  • Tellington Ttouch Practitioner: May 2019 - Present
  • Mantrailing UK Instructor: January 2019 - Present
  • Dog Training College Approved Instructor: December 2018 - 2020
  • Tellington Ttouch Apprentice: September 2018 - 2019
  • Victoria Stillwell Academy for Dog Training & Behaviour: Mentor: June 2018 
  • Scentwork UK Instructor: February 2018 - Present
  • International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) Certified Animal Behaviourist March 2018 – Present
  • International School Of Canine Psychology & Behaviour (ISCP) Canine Behaviour Practitioner: January 2018 – Present
  • Animal Reiki Practitioner : October 2016 – Present
  • The Real Dog Yoga Instructor : June 2016 -Present
  • Association of INTODogs : March 2015 – Present
  • D.O.G Local: 2014 – Present
  • Pet Professional Guild Member (PPG): November 2013 – July 2019
  • Institute of modern dog trainers (IMDT) :November 2013 – 2020

I share my life with my Staffie cross dog Stanlee & 2 cats Jaks & Lil. (all rescues)

These 3 bundles of joy are my whole world!

You may see a blue staffie quite alot on my website and social media, this was Sookie (also a rescue), she is the reason for how my business has progressed, she passed away in June 2021 from a brain tumour at the young age of 6 1/2 yrs old. She was my soul mate, and forever will be. 

I am constantly finding ways to give more enrichment to all their lives as they enrich mine so much.

I go on courses to learn more about their behaviour, I have fun playing with them and fun training with them. 

I have successfully trained my Cat Jaks to take his asthma inhaler by himself, (see in videos).

I also LOVE taking my dog to training classes, mainly scentwork as I like spending time with him and learning together and not worrying so much about what anyone else is doing. 
I also take him to lots of dog training/behaviour workshops, its our little get away time, even though it is work related. I cant spend enough time with him, im obsessed!

I really enjoy the behaviour side of my work, as I get to play detective and figure out whats going on with pets that are struggling for whatever reason. I love finding solutions and helping them and their guardians feel better about things.

I also love the training side of my job as thats the fun stuff, the bonding time, the relationship strengthening, the learning to better communicate with each other, who wouldn't love that? 

I am a massive advocate for using only ethical, kind and effective training solutions for all problems for all pets.

I have always loved animals and find them fascinating, I really enjoy learning about their psychology and behaviour. This has led me to starting my own animal behaviour business.

I am really interested in Animal psychology, behaviour and welfare and am always going on courses to enable me to better my knowledge and skills.

I teach classes in  Egham and Chertsey and am recommended by vets and rescue centres.

My mission is to educate pet owners in kind, ethical and effective handling and training of animals using science, compassion, patience and understanding.

I love helping out rescue centres and animal sanctuary’s in any way I can, whether it be volunteering, training, helping with fundraising, assessing dogs or home checking people hoping to adopt or foster.

In winter months I am always on the look out for unwanted/used bedding/food/toys so that I can donate to local animal rescues or sanctuarys, if you have anything you would like to donate, please give me a shout.

I am very lucky to have rescued and live with 2 cats and a dog. They are all amazing animals and keep me on my toes when it comes to learning about them and their behaviour. These guys are the best teachers. Constant educators.

D.O.G Local is an organisation, to serve as an aid for members of the public to choose and buy dog services with confidence, from qualified and experienced individuals. We are dedicated to looking after the safety and well being of dogs and promoting responsible dog ownership within our community.

What is Real Dog Yoga: Real Dog Yoga is a programme of training. It ultimately involves teaching dogs to express and hold specific body postures, expressions and actions that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and help them to become or remain calm.

The programme has designed an environment for learning which is called option training. We train yoga using this method where dogs have specific areas and communication signals they can use to opt out at any point. Regular breaks are taken following a protocol to ensure that emotional stressors such as frustration do not complicate learning patterns.

“The aim of the Space Dogs Yellow Ribbon Campaign is to have a visible sign that yellow signifies that some dogs would appreciate a little more space, this can mean from both dogs and/or people, yellow is adorned by the dog and/or a yellow ribbon is worn PPGon the lead to signify this…All trainers are checked out for you so you know you will be getting a trainer who understands the needs of a Space Dog and they will use positive/force free training techniques to help build your Space Dogs confidence and deal with the world in a much better way,”

The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd educates students of canine behaviour in the most up to date methods, and places a strong emphasis on positive dog training and rehabilitation.

Association Of INTO Dogs – A members-only organisation for Dog Trainers, Behaviourists and other dog professionals, promoting positive, kind methods in order to enhance the quality of life for owners and dogs.
Membership offers exchange of ideas, support and advice but not for the promotion of any one method to the exclusion of all else (so long as it is in accordance with the gentle ethic of Into Dogs)
High ethical standards with the welfare of the dog central to the work
Keeping abreast continually with new regulations and teachings.

ICAN (the International Companion Animal Network) was founded by a group of prominent organisations and education providers who use and recommend purely force-free methods. We formed in order to meet the profound need for solidarity, mutual support, communication and cooperation between professionals working in the animal behaviour and training realm.

Aims and objectives:

To bring together reputable organisations who use, teach and recommend only force free methods in working with animals.

To give each organisation member a stronger voice and mutual support.

To provide a positive antidote to the competitive aspect that has been prevalent within the profession.

To set and maintain high standards within what is currently an unregulated industry.

To demonstrate a new dynamic of unity and democracy in our profession, and to actively collaborate between organisations to promote our common ethos and goals.

Mantrailing UK is an exciting new dog sport that teaches you and your dog to hunt down a missing person.

With your dogs incredible nose and your soon to be impeccable handling skills can you be the perfect team in this race against time?

Do you want to...?

✔ Build a great relationship with your dog

✔ Increase your dogs confidence

✔ Spend time adventuring outdoors

✔ Attend a fun social activity on a regular basis 

One of the many amazing things about this sport is it is fully accessible to all people and dogs, regardless of age, breed or disability. This includes dogs with confidence and reactivity issues, as dogs are always worked one at a time.

The Tellington TTouch is a kind and respectful way of working with animals to help them overcome a variety of health and behavioural issues.  It was developed over 30 years ago by Linda Tellington Jones and is now widely used around the world by trainers, shelter workers, vets, physiotherapists, behaviour counsellors, veterinary nurses, competition riders, riding instructors and animal owners.

TTouch recognises an inextricable link between posture and behaviour and uses body work, ground work exercises (where appropriate) and specific equipment to release tension and to promote a feeling of calm and well being.  This in turn helps animals develop self confidence and self control and enables them to move beyond their instinctive and, often fearful, responses. 


UK Sniffer Dogs

To improve dog's lives through nosework. By applying our knowledge as dog trainers and scent instructors, we have developed a program that will enable owners to give their dogs positive scent experiences, not only teaching them to work and play with scent, but using scent to rectify problems in pet dogs when it comes to behaviour.

The Power of Nosework is endless!

Animal Centred Education (ACE) is an integrated approach to animal wellbeing and education. It incorporates methods that were developed by Sarah Fisher at Tilley Farm such as ACE Free Work, Sarah’s passion for detailed observations and building calm foundations on which further learning can be established. ACE also includes techniques inspired by animals and other professionals working in the world of animal education and welfare.