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Terms & Conditions of Emma’s Animals
ALL training is designed to be fun and rewarding for both dog and handler, but in the interest of safety, responsibility and welfare it is important that the following terms and conditions are noted.
The terms and conditions are in effect as soon as you pay for any service offered by Emma’s Animals
1. General terms and conditions:

  • All Emma’s Animals training techniques are Ethical, kind, science and reward-based training methods. 
  • Emma’s Animals will not force your pet to do anything they don't want to, nor intentionally cause any harm or discomfort. Your pet’s wellbeing is of high importance.
  • It is your responsibility to put into action Emma’s training/behaviour modification programs, if at any point, you don't understand or don't feel as though the instructions are realistic to you or your pet, please do mention it as soon as possible and we can work out a new plan. 
  • When undergoing Emma’s training, everyone that comes into contact with your pet must refrain from using any harsh/aversive or forceful training methods/handling and/or equipment. Therefore, I ask that from here on in no undue stress or pressure is put on your pet.
  • You are responsible for the safety of your pet and the behaviour and actions of your pet while attending training.  
  • If your Dog has any health or physical issues, you will need to get permission from your Vet or medical professional (physio) to partake in any classes, this is your responsibility. 
2. Classes/Workshops & Training in public areas:
  • Classes and workshop sizes are no bigger than 8 dogs and behaviour cases are taken on a 121 basis.
  • The family can attend but all children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult other than the main handler of the dog.
  • It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog if they toilet. Some venues will have poop bins, some do not, in this instance I ask that you take the poop with you and dispose in a bin on the way home/at home. If you do not have a poop bag, please ask. 
  • Not all training venues will have toilets. 
  • Cars are parked at their owner’s risk. Emma’s Animals does not accept any responsibility for theft or damage to cars or property whilst left at the training Venues.
  • Handlers must be a minimum of 16 years old unless accompanied by an adult. Children are very welcome to come to classes as long as they don't disrupt the other participants and don’t touch the other dogs.
  • Any Participation in Emma’s Animals activities is entirely at the risk of the participant. Emma’s Animals accept no responsibilities whatsoever, for any injuries or losses sustained.
  • Handlers and/or owners remain responsible for their dogs at all times. 
  • All dogs are to wear a harness/flat collar. NO prong, choke chains, slip leads or electric collars allowed.
  • Choke chains, check chains, prong collars, slip leads, electric collars, spray collars, flexi leads or punitive methods and manhandling are NOT permitted in any of Emma's Animals classes or workshops. 
  • Dogs are to be kept on a lead in and around our training venues unless specifically requested by the trainer. All dogs must be kept under control and on a lead.
  • Mantrailing: Every participant is required to have a harness and a long lead for their dog. You will not be allowed to participate if you want to put the long lead on a collar and refuse to put a harness on your dog. Any individual participating in introduction courses, seminars, workshops, instructor courses, trainings or any other services that are offered by any of the Mantrailing UK Ltd instructors, agrees not to conduct/hold/offer such or similar, to the general public or another business or third parties within the United Kingdom. This includes Mantrailing introduction courses, Mantrailing seminars, Mantrailing workshops, Mantrailing trainings within two consecutive years after the event. ONLY with written consent of the Mantrailing Head Instructor can this agreement be changed.
  • Your dogs are to be left in the car in some classes & workshops or securely closed in while we are working other dogs. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to make sure that the car has enough air circulation/flow and water is provided for the dogs’ health and safety.
  • Please do not smoke during the class.
  • Harsh handling is not permitted, and we reserve the right to ask a handler to leave if they refuse the advice regarding this.
  • Please do not let your dog dig holes in the training field.
  • We will not take responsibility for any damage caused to you, your pet or any item of property. You are responsible for your own (and your dog's) safety and agree to use the field or training venue at your own risk.
  • Emma’s Animals takes all reasonable precautions within the structure of our training sessions/workshops/courses to avoid injury resulting from dog bites. However, Emma’s Animals accepts no responsibility for damage or injury resulting from dog bites occurring to clients or their dogs while attending training sessions/seminars/courses/workshops. The Control of Dogs Act 1986 section 21 - "Liability of owner for damage by Dog" applies within our classes/seminars/workshops/trainings/introduction courses and on our premises or public premises (rented from a third party or owned).
3. Pictures and Videos 
  • Pictures and videos: Emma's Animals reserve the right to take pictures and videos during an event/service. Every participant herewith agrees for these to be published on the website, social media or written form. Participants are not allowed to take pictures, videos, etc without the consent of the other participants and Emma's Animals. Participants are NOT allowed to publish any pictures, videos, voice recordings, text, information gained in any way.
  • If you do not want to be filmed or photographed (or your dog), you need to let Emma's Animals or the organisers know in writing before the event. The owner allows and consents for their dog to be photographed, videotaped, and/or used in any media or advertising by Emma's Animals without prior approval. All such photographs and videos etc. are the property of Emma's Animals.
  • Emma may wear a body cam in your 121 sessions, this is to help with CPD (continuing professional development) and also for her own safety. 
4. Length of the event/service
  • The trainer/organiser will determine the length of the event/seminar based on the progress of each participant and their dogs as well as the number of participants and the physical and psychological capability of each dog. The trainer will act in the best interest of the dog and can therefore order a rest for a dog or put a halt on further training sessions. If the participant is late for the event/service, it is their own fault and the trainer/organiser will not stop/pause the event/service because of this. The participant is not eligible to make up for any missed hours/days or get a reduction of cost because of such.
  • 121 training and behaviour packages are to be used up within 3 months of booking. 
  • The behaviour follow up session is to be used within 3 months of the initial behaviour consultation.
5. No guarantee of success
  • Emma’s Animals will not guarantee any success while or after any event/service.
  • All the copyright is reserved by Emma’s Animals. This includes material, videos, pictures, texts, etc.. Information in any form, provided during an event/service, in its original form or modified, can only be used/published with written consent from Emma’s Animals. Voice recordings and videos of any event/service have to be permitted by Emma’s Animals.
7. Payment terms:
  • We expect payment in full before the start of each course of classes/workshops/behaviour consultations or 121 training sessions.
  • We regret refunds are not available for any of the classes/workshops/behaviour consultations or 121 training sessions apart from in exceptional circumstances.
8. Cancellation of 121 appointments, classes or workshops
  • In the unlikely event of a training session being cancelled by Emma’s Animals, a catch-up lesson will be given in return.
  • If a class or training session is cancelled due to extreme weather then an online class will be provided instead. 
  • It is at the trainer’s discretion to terminate an owner’s place in a class or cancel a 121 training session if the owner does not pay, notify of cancellation of a lesson or displays unacceptable behaviour towards other owners, dogs or trainers.
  • Payment for classes/workshops is non-refundable unless your space can be filled before the class. Emma’s Animals will take in to consideration extenuating circumstances and will work with the owner to resolve any problems.
  • Any 121 training or behaviour cancellations must be done with at least a week’s notice of appointment date to be able to rebook your session, anything less and the appointment will be forfeited.
  • If the Program requires a deposit to book your appointment this will be non refundable. 
  • If you do not attend a booked 121 training  or behaviour sessions, Emma has the right to cancel future booked sessions due to non compliance. 
  • If you are entitled to a refund for extenuating circumstances then a booking fee will still apply.
9. Health
  • Please do not bring your dog to class if he/she has a contagious disease or if they are ill, you are welcome to come to class without your dog in this instance so that you don't miss out on the lesson.  
  • We also ask that bitches in season are not brought to class, but if your course has already started,  you are welcome to come to class without your dog in this instance so that you don't miss out on the lessons.  If you are unsure whether or not to bring your dog to class, please do not hesitate to call me or speak with your Veterinary surgeon. 
  • Vaccinations: Puppy vaccinations are mandatory and proof is required in first class. Adult vaccinations are recommended but if you choose not to vaccinate then it's at your own risk. * Please bring a copy of your dog’s vaccination records along to the first puppy class. *
  • Please do not bring your dog to class if he or she has been coughing, vomiting or has diarrhoea. If you are unsure whether or not to bring your dog to class or to attend a 121 or behaviour consult, please do not hesitate to call or speak with your veterinary surgeon.
  • Please do let me know if your pet has health issues or is suffering from an infectious disease that could be contagious.  If in doubt about your pet’s health, please consult your veterinarian and let me know before class/visit.
  • If your pet has a health concern and you are booked in for classes, it is your responsibility to get the permission from your vet to be able to attend saftely. 


I understand that participation in a Mantrailing class with Emma’s Animals may pose some risk to myself and my dog/s and expressly assume the risk of any damage or injury (to myself, or my dog/s), incurred whilst participating in a class or workshop.

I understand that I shall be responsible for my dog and indemnify and hold harmless Emma’s Animals - and its trainers, volunteers and representatives from and against all claims, damages, costs and liabilities in respect of any loss, damage or personal injury sustained by me or any third party which is directly or indirectly caused by my dog or to my dog following participation in a Mantrailing class.

I hereby certify that my dog/s and I are physically fit and have no medical conditions which may prevent full participation in a Mantrailing class.

I agree to assume full responsibility for any risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which might incur as a result of my dog participating in this activity.

I agree that Emma’s Animals may use images/footage taken during the session for their own marketing and promotion.


Insurance: Emma’s Animals is insured for Public Liability, Care, Custody and Control of Animals, all pets should be insured by the client. If the pet is not insured the client will accept full liability and will be fully responsible for all costs incurred. Emma’s Animals cannot be held liable for any loss, injury, illness or death to the client’s pet, either inside or outside the client’s home whilst with Emma’s Animals. The client accepts third-party liability and will pay any such costs or expenses on demand.  The client also understands that no liability will attach to the above-mentioned Pet carer. If a client does protection or bite work sports they must have their own insurance in place to cover this, you must let Emma's Animals know before you attend any class/workshop or 121 session. 
Vaccinations, worms and Fleas: Emma’s Animals asks that the client’s pet(s) are in general good health. If not, this is to be stated to Emma’s Animals as soon as possible. If the pet is not up to date with Vaccinations, then you (the owner) will accept all liability relating to this. ALL pets will need to be rid of fleas and worms when attending a class/workshop/121 session.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me directly on 07788 107086 or email [email protected]