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Pawfect Pooch Training Package

Pawfect Pooch Package Training Sessions This is a 4 week package.

Based in Egham, Surrey UK and surrounding areas

In these sessions, we will go throu [Read more ...]

Pawfect Pooch Package Training Sessions

This is a 4 week package.

Based in Egham, Surrey UK and surrounding areas

In these sessions, we will go through as many of your concerns as possible as well as demonstrations.

You will also get weekly informative videos/PDF's/training guide emailed to you.

​n.b.* a petrol cost of 0.45p per mile will be added for all clients outside of a 5 mile radius from TW18.

How I Train: 
As a positive reinforcement, ethical trainer, I don’t feel the need to use force, intimidation or anything that should cause any kind of fear or pain to your dog. 
I use Science, patience and understanding of the animal I am helping at that time. 
Every case is different and I try and get as much information as I can to help the owners in building a new training program for their dog.
Quick Fix aversive training methods do not look at the underlying problems or causes, they can in fact cause more behavioural issues. Emma is Vet recommended. 

Please be prepared:

  • Everyone learns differently, if you are someone who learns by making notes or writing stuff down, please have a pen and paper ready. I do send you out a report of what we covered.
  • Please be prepared to do some work in your garden (if you have one), i may need to see your dog move, or interact in an outside space, i may also lay out some items for your dog to explore. 
  • When undergoing my training, everyone that comes into contact with your pet MUST refrain from using any harsh/aversive or forceful training methods and/or equipmen
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Emma has previously trained our dog when he was a puppy so we knew how amazing she was. Recently we had a new baby and our dog didn’t take to her aswell as we had hoped and even crossed our mind we may have to re-home him which we obviously didn’t want! Emma was incredible and we had 4 sessions to work with our dog and baby and ultimately be a family together and I can happily say she has helped us achieve this and I never thought I would see the day! She is amazing at what she does and we’ll be forever grateful for her work for our family.
nowNEWWhat a difference Emma has made to my little boy Louis and to me! We are both now so confident and enjoying our walks. Emma’s approach of not only training but also diet and nutrition and analysis of behaviour is truly first class. Emma is extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her. Thank you Emma!
Waffle is 3 ½ and had no recall so bought a training package with Emma and I am not exaggerating when I say that she has changed my life. Her vast knowledge and obvious love and respect for dogs means she is able to give advice on all aspects canine life, on her recommendation Waffle has a new diet which has improved his behaviour and his poos!Dog training wise, I thought I was failing at doing the right thing and she showed me that it was because I was doing the wrong thing that it wasn’t working. In four sessions she has completely changed our dynamic so that I am now in control and Waffle is a much happier for it. Our walks are now anxiety free and so much fun and she has given me the tools to continue training for the months to come. The money spent was an investment in a happier future and Emma is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!
Really enjoyed working with Emma on Lily and Reggie’s issues. We saw some real progress on general behaviour as well as issues we specifically raised. We are also expecting and Emma mentioned lots of things to think about and consider when introducing the new arrival- we would have never thought about these things on our own. Thank you Emma!!

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