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30/05/2018 - Advice

Having a pet who gets quite stressed when someone sets off fireworks can be quite a challenge for us let alone them.
How can we help? 
This reaction, if you think about it is a very normal one.
Sudden loud bangs, whizzes and pops, flashes of colour and the sky lights up, unpleasant burning smells and sometimes even vibrations.
Animals are way more sensitive to this than we are, and sometimes they make us jump, but we know what they are, animals don’t. 
So how can we help Our animals at this time of year? 
There are many things we can do to help:

 Provide a ‘safe place’ for your pet to hide. If this is under the bed, in an open covered crate or putting the bunnies in your garage for the night. During winter.

 Lots of walks, games and activity BEFORE the fireworks – get them mentally tired, this will help reduce their anxiety.  Go on earlier walks to avoid stress when outside and fireworks go off.
 If your dog or cat comes to you for comfort please give it to them, you can be a great source of calmness for your pet, so the safer you can make them feel the better.

There is also a lot of equipment that has been made that you can consider trying out to help your pet feel more relaxed.

 Pet Remedy (for multi/single species households) diffusers/sprays
 Adaptil (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) diffusers/collars/sprays
 Feliway (cat synthetic facial pheromone) diffusers/collars/sprays
T-touch wraps raise body awareness and help calm. 

Thundershirts: Apply gentle constant pressure similar to swaddling an infant. (This worked for my puppy, but as she is also noise sensitive the sound of the Velcro tended to scare her so I have now moved to the body wrap above, if your dog is fine with noises this is a great product)

 Feeding: Stuffed Kongs are brilliant to help calm before the fireworks start, maybe feed them their dinner in them, if your dog does get stressed you may find that they aren’t interested in food during the fireworks.

 Sounds: CD’s/APPs (specifically designed to relax your pup) 
 Clix Noises and Sounds Cd for Treatment & Prevention of Sound Phobias in Dogs
 Through a dogs ear music therapy cd

Taiko Drumming:  

 Phone app: ‘Soundproof puppy training’

White noise machine. 

 ON THE NIGHT: Put on the TV or play some relaxing music, turn the lights on, close the windows and curtains, Light some scented candles or plug in a diffuser, fill some kongs and pop on the thundershirt/body wrap.

 KEEP PETS INSIDE:  Cats included. keep your dog on a lead during evening walks (try to walk before fireworks) and wee breaks and keep the cat in as soon as it starts to get dark. 
Put outdoor pets somewhere safe, like in a garage or bring them indoors in a cool room, so as to not upset their body temperature.

 If your pet still has trouble coping then please get in contact:
 07788 107086
 [email protected]