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How Mindful is your dog

02/01/2020 - Recommendations

You can teach your dog how to be mindful and I can teach you how...
Think about it...what is mindfulness and what does it do to your mind and body?
Mindfulness… Releases ‘happy’ chemicals in the brain
Lowers heart rate/blood pressure
Puts you in the now
Focuses your mind
Takes Your worries away
Improves digestion
Relaxes tension
Can help with pain

So why aren’t we teaching this to our dogs already?
And how do we teach our dogs how to be more mindful?
Simple…all the above is simply done by teaching them Scentwork, AKA Nosework, AKA Scent detection, AKA using their nose properly.
To your dogs, sniffing feels AMAZING. Sniffing gives them mass amounts of information about the environment and who is around (human and non-human animals) Sniffing helps every dog from timid to aggressive, because it does all of the above. Even if you have a dog with no behaviour or medical issues, scentwork will just make them happier and more satisfied in general…how can you not want that?


New research is showing us how beneficial Scentwork is for our dogs and we need to be understanding this amazing power that our canine companions have more. Harness that magic.
‘…The sport requires extensive physical and mental stimulation from the dog, making it a great way to burn off excess energy and reduce behavioral problems at home. Searches can be conducted just about anywhere, which means training and learning can happen at almost any time.’ – Victoria Stillwell 
So what’s in it for me? (as in you) well… as well as having a more relaxed, happy and satisfied dog, you will also have a much stronger bond with your dog. Doing things like Scentwork teaches you and your dog something that is good for your dog, general obedience teaches the dog what is good for you, so why not give back and teach them something for themselves? Which also benefits you anyway…its totally WIN WIN! 
I also feel quite mindful and relaxed when I’m teaching Sookie scentwork… Amazeballs 
AND you can do Scentwork ANYWHERE!
AND you don’t NEED much kit! 
AND I teach it!
So… If you would like to find out more about my scentwork classes please do get in touch and email: [email protected]
I also teach reactive dog friendly classes, where each dog is worked individually which helps them stay focused and relaxed. Please ask for more details.