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Low cost high value healthy treats

05/04/2024 - Enrichment

Low Cost, High Value, Healthy (training) treats for dogs (and cats)

As a dog trainer and behaviourist, i often say the word 'treats'. But speaking for myself when i say treats im thinking of healthy and high value (to the dog) pieces of food that we can use to reinforce a behaviour.

As the cost of living is rising I have decided to show you how it can be possible to make a low cost high value dog treat. This treat only requires 2 ingredients and can be made for under £1.

Tinned fish:
Depending on what your dog likes you can make this recipe with most tinned fish, i mainly use Sardines in spring water or olive oil and Mackerel in spring water or olive oil. I do not reccommend anything in brine, as that will have a high salt content, and sunflower oil isnt great for dogs. tomaoto juice is also ok to use. Please make sure there are no other hidden ingredients in there. 

You will need a type of flour to bind the fish together, i use coconut flour or grind up oats (to make a flour).
There are lots of grain free options out there just check they are safe for your dog and have no hidden ingredients before you give it to your dog. 

1 x 125g tin of sardines (or fish of choice) Save the liquid
60g flour (be aware that some flours make the consistency drier than others, this is where you can use the liquid from the fish.

1. Preheat the oven to 180C / 160C Fan / Gas 4
2. Drain the fish from the liquid (put liquid to side and use later if needed)
3. Mash fish into a paste with a fork
5. Mix in the flour (add in liquid if needed) make to desired consistency. add 1 egg if youd like softer treats
6. Lay dough on a baking tray - you can use cookie cutter designs if you wanted to make fun shapes
5. Bake for 30/45 mins 
6. Once ready cut the cooked dough into bite size training treats when soft and allow to cool.

You can freeze these if needed, or store in an airtight container for upto 2 weeks.
If you added egg, then store for upto 1 week in the fridge. 

Do you have a low cost, high value treat for your dog?