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Meditate with your pet

28/02/2019 - Advice

This is something i think EVERYONE should practice, not just for your mind, but also for your pets minds.
If you have ever meditated around your pets, you might find that they gravitate towards your peaceful energy and also relax in someway meditating themselves.
They may sit/lay down next to you, by your side, they may take themselves off into their own space to relax.
Being at peace is benificial for everyone. 
Meditation is especially great if you have anxious pets, or ones that find it hard to settle and be still.

I have introduced meditation to the rescue where i work.
We have volunteers come in and meditate with some of the dogs and cats and they LOVE IT!
Both the volunteers and the animals.
This helps them immensely as bringing peace to a rescue animal is much needed. 

Meditation is proven to:
  • Reduce stress
  • Aid relaxation
  • Improve sleep/rest
  • Share intention of peace and harmony
  • Enhance self awareness
  • Control Anxiety
  • Clear the mind
When meditating with your pet, spend some time observing them, how they move, hold themselves, interact with the environment, where do they hold tension? See if you can note down any changes?

Life is stressful, so why not take half an hour, even 10 minutes out of your day everyday to meditate with your pet?
Try it today and let me know your outcomes.

It is so easy to do, if you have never meditated before, fret not, just google 'guided meditations' on your phote/ipad/laptop etc sit/lay down, get comfortable and press play. 
Emma x