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Introduction To Mantrailing Workshop

Introduction to Mantrailing Workshops ****Please read ALL information below before booking.  Emma Is a qualified Mantrailing UK instructor. 

Mantrailing is an exciting new dog sport [Read more ...]


Introduction to Mantrailing Workshops
****Please read ALL information below before booking. 

Emma Is a qualified Mantrailing UK instructor. 

Mantrailing is an exciting new dog sport that teaches dogs to find people.

Do you want to...?

  • Build a great relationship with your dog
  • Increase your dogs confidence
  • Spend time adventuring outdoors
  • Attend a fun social activity on a regular basis 

One of the many amazing things about this sport is it is fully accessible to all people and dogs, regardless of age, breed or disability. This includes dogs with confidence and reactivity issues, as dogs are always worked one at a time.

Each dog is worked one at a time so that they dont get distracted or worried by any other dog. 
Therefore it is it is necessary thats dogs can wait safetly in the car until it is their turn. 
Attendees can learn alot from observing the other dogs trailing behaviours. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask.
This means that some time will be spent in your car so please bring with you a bowl of water and some cooling matts (if warm), car sunshades etc,

Why should I take part?

Mantrailing is a low impact sport, which unlike some sports means there is less pressure and stress on your dogs joints. As well as providing physical exercise, Mantrailing also engages your dog's incredible olfactory senses, giving them an intense mental workout. 

​Most importantly, its fantastic fun for both you and your dog. You will never get tired of the buzz of a successful search!

This introduction course will get you and your dog started on your journey of Mantrailing. This class is for pet dogs only and will NOT allow you to become operational.

This course begins by walking you through the theory of Mantrailing and covers the science of scent, how dogs trail and how to keep your dog motivated by finding the right reward. 

You will then be instructed in trailing your own dog using techniques to read your dog and know if they are on the trail and handle the lead correctly.  - Mantrailing UK

Mountain Wood Farm
Green Dene
East Horsley
KT24 5TA


Bedfont lakes
Clockhouse Ln,
Bedfont, Feltham
TW14 8QA

****If you would like to HOST  Emma to teach an introduction to Mantrailing for you then please email her on: [email protected] 


  • Will this workshop allow me to become fully operational in search & rescue?
NO, this workshop is for pet dog training only, it is a fun sport, you will not be able to work operationally after this workshop. 
  • Can my puppy take part?
YES! Puppies LOVE to search, we adapt each trail to their ability, Mantrailing is very adaptable so any age pup can trail, as long as they are fully vaccinated, these records will need to be brought in with you. Mantrailing is a GREAT source of enrichment for your pup.
  • My dog is reactive to dogs, can they take part?
YES! The great thing about Mantrailing is that all dogs are worked one by one, this means that reactive dogs can enjoy it. Just let me know upon booking. ALL the workshop venues are private areas so no off lead dogs running up to us. 
  • My dog is reactive to people, can they take part?
YES! depending on how reactive, you are welcome to bring somone your dog trusts to trail lay for you. Just make sure you let me know upon booking and i can make arrangements if needed.
  • My dog can't settle in a car for a long time, can we take part?
You are very welcome to bring someone with you who can sit in the car with your dog in between goes.
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This workshop was fantastic, it was great to see my boy enjoying himself so much, if you want to see your dogs nose in action and would like to try something different with your dog then look no further book on now.
We had a great workshop with Emma I loved it but I think Darcy loved it more
Jane Gibson
Great workshop with Emma, who really ensures everyone enjoys themselves especially the dogs. Would definitely recommend.
Luna and I had a great day out learning man trailing skills with Emma. It was a nice small group of dogs which meant Luna got lots of turns which always makes her very happy. I'd definitely recommend it!
We had such a fab afternoon mantrailing with Emma. Lovely relaxed atmosphere with lots of opportunity for questions. Really well organised, the afternoon went so quickly as we learned so much and had so much fun. Highly recommended.
We had a fantastic afternoon Mantrailing with Emma. I would highly recommend this workshop. Looking forward to the next one.

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