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Scentwork For Beginners

This is a Scentwork UK Level 1 (for beginners), 7-week course costs £105 and is strictly limited to 6 dogs per class.

Classes are between 45 mins to 1 hr long 

Scent work is [Read more ...]

£105.00 per dog

Sorry, no classes are currently available.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified about forthcoming classes.

This is a Scentwork UK Level 1 (for beginners), 7-week course costs £105 and is strictly limited to 6 dogs per class.

Classes are between 45 mins to 1 hr long 

Scent work is GREAT for dogs that:
* have a nose!

Basically, thats all you need!
GREAT for puppies and GREAT for senior dogs and GREAT for ALL dogs in-inbetween!

Scentwork is amazing!
Training your dog how to use their nose has sooooooooo many benefits.
It helps:
* Calm
* Focus
* Impulse and self control
* Relaxation
* To tire gently
* You build a bond with your dog
* To create an unstoppable team together
* Build confidence

AND requires no previous training!

Where: Scout Hut, Kings Ln,
Englefield Green,
TW20 0UB 
Car Parking: There is a free car park
There are toilets.

Class Instructions:When you arrive at the class, please keep your dog in the car until instructed to take them out. 

What to bring: 
  • Treats: Lots of people bring boring or unhealthy kibble or packaged treats to class and have problems getting their dog to focus or work for the whole session. I would recommend you bring plenty of small tasty treats, preferably cut up hot dogs or cut up cheese. Your dog will be very distracted in the first few classes, so tasty and smelly treats will keep them focused and motivated. The pieces do not need to be bigger than pea size. 
Think about motivation: If I asked you to do me a favour and I gave you a dry rice cake as a thank you, would you be happy to keep doing what I ask of you? Or would you prefer me to pay you in chocolate brownies? (dependant on what you perceive to be higher value)
  • Your dog’s favourite (NON-Squeaky) Toy
  • Please have your dog on a harness. 
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Classes are fun for both the dogs and owners. Emma is a very patient and understanding teacher.
Fab classes. Well organised and run by a knowledgeable and compassionate trainer. Non judgemental which is great as my dogs are not the easiest. Thank you so much Emma. Xxxx
This has been so much fun!! We have loved this course... especially the last session where we had to find clues to catch a made up criminal!! My dog has learnt to use her nose really well and the games are great at home too keep her entertained. Also Emma has helped massively with my confidence handling my dog and is always approachable, supportive and non judemental. I would highly recommend this course to improve the bond with your dog or just for fun!! X
Emma suggested a Scenting course after we had completed a 121 training on recall and lead walking. It was the best course we ever did. The bonus is its a small class of not more than 4 thus getting individual attention. The classes are simple and fun to do with lots of encouragement and support during classes and follow ups via email. Altogether it has helped us train Amber very successfully in a short period of time with simple techniques. A very dedicated trainer who thrives on successful results between owner and dog. I forward to Session Two of Scenting with Emma. So grateful to Emma for helping us train our rescue dog, Amber.
Amber's Mum
I have recently completed the Level 1 Scentwork class with my 8 month old puppy, Missy. It has been a great experience for both of us and I have enjoyed watching her progress each week. I particularly liked that she was learning a skill with both fun and practical applications, which was a refreshing change after the obedience lessons in puppy training. Emma was good at adapting the training when Missy was struggling or having an off day, and we always left with a feeling of accomplishment. I would recommend this class for people looking to dedicate some quality time to their dog and provide them with a fun mental workout.
Luna and I loved the scentwork classes with Emma, Tuesdays haven't been the same since our regular "sniffing class" finished and we can't wait for the Level 2 to start. Scentwork was brilliant for my little Dachschund x who is very much led by her nose, she learnt to evaluate situations better and I found that even since the classes stopped she hasn't. Now instead of just searching for things on the floor Luna has learnt to look on top of, in and around things which is just a joy to watch. Luna's only disappointment in the class was that on occasion she had to sit back and watch while she let other dogs have a go!!
We completed Level 1 Scentwork with Emma and found the course thoroughly enjoyable - so much so we have signed up for Level 2! Emma is so patient, the classes are (appropriately) small and she responds to the needs of each individual dog meaning everyone feels they are getting the most out of the session. She clearly really enjoys what she does (which has not been the impression we have had from all trainers/ classes we have attended in the past) which means that we also really enjoy the sessions. Scentwork has been great for building the bond between us and our dog (she is now using her nose to work with us, not against us!), has given us some great new ways to play with her (both at home and on walks) through training that is enjoyable for both dog and owner.Really glad we found Emma and these classes!
Lucy O

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